Why Sugar Is Bad For Your Skin?

We all know sugar is not good for your waistline, but do you know that your sugar habit is also hurting your skin? Wondering why is sugar bad for your skin? This is NYK. We are letting you in on some of the secrets behind the effects of sugar on the skin.

• Sugar and inflammation

Consumption of too much sugar can cause inflammation in the body, and inflammation has a negative impact on your skin. Controlling your diet or reducing processed sugars in your diet over a time period helps support healthier-looking skin.

• Sugar and breakouts

High intakes of sugar encourage acne, first by causing skin inflammation; and after that it suppresses your body's white blood cells (responsible for fighting off infection) - making acne worse than ever!

• Sugar and red face

Doctors and dermatologists all over the world always warn against a 'sugar face'. FYI, that redness in the face that most people think indicates a healthy glow is nothing but a sugar face caused by consuming too much sugar & the harmful effects it has on your skin.

Now that you understand the negative effects of sugar on your skin, it's time to cut down on sugar. And if it's too hard for you to lower your sugar consumption, the next best option is to replace harmful sugars with some healthier foods like dry fruits, fruits, honey etc