Why Are You Still in Power if You Can't Bring Down Onion Prices: Pawan Kalyan Hits out at Andhra CM

Andhra Pradesh: Actor-turned-politician and Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan criticized the state government for “failing” to take steps to regulate increasing onion prices. He also urged Jagan Mohan Reddy to step down immediately and go for elections.

On Tuesday, Kalyan visited the Tirupati Rythu Bazar in Andhra Pradesh where he lashed out at the government over its failure in taking steps to control the increasing onion prices.

“If you cannot bring down prices of essential commodities and come to the rescue of the consumers, why are you still in power? You should step down and contest in fresh elections,” Pawan Kalyan told reporters.

He further added, “Don’t try to run away by throwing the blame on the previous government. It is your responsibility to see that the prices of onions come down.”

He said that he had seen poor quality onions being sold at Rs. 80 per kg, which prompted him to enquire about the availability of produce and problems of sellers.

“The government has been busy with re-tenders and criticising the previous government policies. They can take action in what they have done, but they have to move forward,” Kalyan said.

“People are not getting any respite from increasing prices. Onions are now out of the commoners reach. If the government has no control and capability in taking corrective steps, it should step down,” he demanded.