Why Single Family Homes for Rent Are the Best Real Estate Investment of 2021, With Jeff Pintar, Founder of Pintar Investment Company

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With more than 30 years of experience in real estate, development, operations, and investment, Jeff Pintar is a pillar of the industry. For the first two decades of his career, Jeff honed his investing and real estate developing experience with stints at CBRE and Panattoni Development. Following the nation-wide recession of 2008, Jeff decided to pivot his attention to focus on single-family homes for rent. The very next year, he officially founded Pintar Investment Company. According to Jeff, single-family homes for rent (SFR) are a secure, stable investment, with excellent cash flow. When the portfolio is aggregated, there is an opportunity for exceptional wealth building and cash flow.

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Located in Southern California, Pintar Investment Company has been delivering consistent results for investors for over a decade. Their ability to locate, stabilize and OA disparate portfolio of single family residential homes has allowed them to maximize value, all while maintaining best-in-class margins. Though they have an excellent portfolio, diversified across many of the Nation’s strongest markets, the true secret to their success is their world-class operations team. The Pintar Team averages around 20 years of industry experience and thousands of homes under management.

The proof is in the numbers. Even during one of the most difficult economical years, with eviction moratoriums crippling landlords, Pintar’s delinquencies are less than 2%. Their average occupancy is at a staggering 97%, with industry standards falling just shy of 93%. However, their greatest achievement has been their ability to retain tenants for 3.5 years on average while also increasing rents by 6% per annum. How is this possible? According to Jeff, it all ties back to their excellent operational team. “While real estate will always be about location, our management team treats our tenants like real people, and this is what ultimately drives long term performance” says Jeff, “The tenants know that they have 24/7 access to their landlord and will receive exceptional, responsive service in any situation or circumstance.”

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Is a single-family home for rent investment right for you? According to Jeff, new investors interested in buying or developing properties should consider the following things before making a decision.

  1. Understand the dynamics of the area. A good real estate investment looks beyond the property. What is the surrounding area like? Remember, single-family homes are a long-term investment that will appreciate over time, however that rate of appreciation has a lot to do with the community. What are the crime rates? What is the income of the area? Are there job opportunities and good schools nearby?

  2. Consider the competition. No matter what industry you’re in, there will be competition, however, analyzing your competition is an excellent way to get ahead in single-family homes for rent. Consider what will make your property more appealing than the next. How will you stand out in the industry? Whether that factor is the location, the design of the home, or the excellent operational team behind the scenes, consider your competition and the ways in which you can employ a competitive advantage.

  3. Choose the right investment group. If you’ve decided to partner with an investment group, take time to do your research. Check that your investment group has actually delivered projects from start to finish. Secondly, verify that they have “day two” experience. It’s not enough to be able to develop a property and get a lease signed, your investment group should have experience managing tenants, retaining tenants, and generating consistent growth over time. And lastly, never invest with someone who doesn’t have considerable skin the game at the same terms as you do.

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