Why Seth Rollins destroyed Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse on WWE Raw?


Bengaluru, October 16: This week's WWE Monday Night RAW ended with an interesting segment featuring Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt. After months of torturous acts by The Fiend version of Wyatt, the Universal Champion was able to seek redemption on him.

Rollins invaded Wyatt's residence to destroy it completely along with the strange creatures in it. He then set the Firefly Funhouse on fire to leave Wyatt without a home. The move was not appreciated by the fans as the Fiend avatar of Bray Wyatt has grown into the hottest gimmick in the WWE Universe right now.

As seen during the segment, the crowd in attendance booed Seth Rollins which were similar to Hell in a Cell title match finish after he retained the title via a 'referee stoppage'.

Once the Raw episode was over, WWE hosted a dark match between Rollins and Wyatt. The champion successfully defended his belt via DQ again and that caused a tremendous amount of heat on Rollins from the Denver audience and the IWC agreed with that.

The prime babyface of the Monday Night Raw getting negative reactions is certainly not what Vince McMahon and co. would want to see. But the creative team continued to put Rollins' status in jeopardy to push Bray Wyatt to solidify his move to Friday nights.

As announced during the 2019 edition of WWE Draft, The Fiend will now be a part of Friday Night Smackdown. So Seth Rollins burnt down the Firefly Funhouse just as storyline angle to remove him from Raw.

During the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that The Fiend may get a fresh start on SmackDown, (although he is scheduled to compete in a rematch against Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel)

"I just figured it was their way of writing it off which surprised me because I wouldn't have thought that they wanted to write that off, but they did. I guess they don't want it on SmackDown and Wyatt's going to SmackDown and that was a way of writing him off Raw and yeah." (courtesy ringsidenews.com)

The destruction of Firefly Funhouse still appears to be shocking as it gave a ton of merchandise sales to WWE for the past several weeks. With Halloween around the corner, it could have profited the WWE marketing department, big time.

It appears that FOX's sports-centric programme did not have enough room for Wyatt's puppets. Plus, Meltzer confirmed that Seth Rollins burning Wyatt's residence does not confirm a heel-turn. He will continue to play a babyface character whereas Wyatt's Fiend version is expected to bring chaos to SmackDown via The Fiend avatar.

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