Artist Makes Eminem Finally 'Smile' and the Results are Truly Horrifying

Here's a fun game for all you Marshall Mathers fans out there. Simply Google "Eminem" and scroll through the images that the search engine throws back at you.

See a pattern?

Eminem, who has tapped onto various subjects ranging from his upbringing, relationships to societal issues and addiction, all through spitting out angry lyrics, in a career spanning over two decades, doesn't like to smile much.

google eminem

However, this was to change when artist Mike Brown took it upon himself to make the Rap god smile for once and give us a glimpse of a creepily-grinning Eminem.

Brown, who has turned a smiley Ellen DeGeneres into a straight-faced Ellen and made Nirvana look much happier in their band posters, photoshopped Eminem's pics this time around, and the results are truly horrifying.

Don't believe us? Take a look:

eminem photoshop

Photo credits: Mike Brown

Wait, there's more.

If you aren't into hip-hop, artist Brown has you covered.


Ellen in a bad mood? Even scarier.

And if, for some reason, you ever wanted to see a shaved Post Malone, there's this.