Why Is #RemoveUsFromScheduleCaste Trending Today?

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Quota and reservation is often something that is wanted by many communities in India. It is frequently that we see various communities holding protests and whatnot trying to get a reservation for their community.

Even if it might not be fair and the community itself could be doing fairly well on their own, they still want the benefits of reservation.

However, with the Twitter trend #RemoveUsFromScheduleCaste, one community from Tamil Nadu is setting a precedent never seen before.

A community from Tamil Nadu is actively asking that they be removed from the Scheduled Caste list because they believe it won’t allow them to live with dignity and respect.

Why Is #RemoveUsFromScheduleCaste Trending?

As per reports, this hashtag was created by people from the Devendra Kula Vellalar community of Tamil Nadu.

This community apparently wants to be removed from the scheduled castes list in Tamil Nadu. The members of the community, led by Dr. K Krishnasamy of the Puthiya Tamilagam Party (PTP) believe that being included in the list acts as an imposed identity.

The community also wants that various other Tamil sub-castes like Pallar, Pannadi, Kudumbar, Kaalaadi, Muppar and Devendrakulathar should be regrouped and combined under the singular title of ‘Devendra Kula Vellalars’.

As part of their protest, Dr. K Krishnasamy is even holding a hunger strike across 10,00 different locations in the state today from 9 am to 6 pm.

It is reported that the trend was first started by this tweet from Shyam Krishnasamy, the youth wing leader of PTP.

In a series of tweets, he spoke about how adding a farming community to the SC list was a mistake and that the tag does not allow the community’s “upward mobility as a whole.”

In another tweet, he also stated that, “Economic development and social status for a caste will never improve with social stigmatisation. Mere reservation might improve the lives of a handful, but schedule caste stigma denies upward mobility as a whole.”

As per the several tweets under the hashtag, it is this ‘stigma’ that people want to get away from and live a life of dignity.

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Twitter On This

Since Tuesday morning, the hashtag #RemoveUsFromScheduleCaste has been trending on Indian Twitter with over 38,000 tweets to it.

Many people have been talking about this trend and what it means to them.

When someone asked as to why this community was wanting to remove themselves from the Scheduled Caste list they were told that it’s a matter of respect and dignity.

This is certainly an interesting hashtag to see trending, in a time when reservation and quota something so coveted, a community is saying no to it.

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