Here is why you should practice seasonal eating

Meera Venugopal
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Here is why you should practice seasonal eating
Here is why you should practice seasonal eating

28 Mar 2021: Here is why you should practice seasonal eating

Seasonal eating means eating fruits and vegetables that are harvested in your area at a particular time.

Fruits and vegetables that are produced locally tend to be tastier, fresher, and full of nutrients, unlike out-of-season produce that's harvested early.

So, the next time you are tempted to buy your favorite non-seasonal fruit, opt for local produce, which will be fresher, healthier, and tastier.

Nutrition: Balanced diet: Seasonal foods have a higher nutritional value

Fruits and vegetables are at their tastiest best when consumed during their season.

Their nutritional contents are also higher during that time.

This is because, the produce is plucked when they are ripe, unlike non-seasonal vegetables, which are harvested before it's ripe and cold-stored.

Having seasonal fruits makes sure that you are consuming them at their nutritional best, contributing to a balanced diet.

Chemicals: There is lesser intake of chemicals and contaminants

Since a seasonal fruit is a timely harvest, it's free from most chemicals.

However, when you purchase foods that are transported from another region, preservatives and pesticides will inevitably make their way into our diets.

Needless to say, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are an inevitable part of the mass production of foods, and laws pertaining to the same differ from country to country.

Farmers: It also supports local farmers and communities in our region

With seasonal eating, we are dependant on local farms, which cultivate and grow our food.

This means that we are supporting local farmers and communities in our region.

There is also a lesser distance between us and the place where the food is grown and seasonal eating is the best way to know how your foods are processed and cultivated.

Cheaper: It is cost efficient due to large availability of produce

Fruits, vegetables, and other products that are not in season are typically transported from other regions where the products are available.

This means there is a lot of preservation, storing, and transportation involved, which adds to the cost of purchase.

However, seasonal foods are easily available in your own area and do not involve these additional expenses, which makes them a cheaper option.