Why Are People Protesting In Hong Kong? Everything You Need To Know About Unrest In The City

Jasmin Gray

For months, life in Hong Kong has been dominated by violent clashes between anti-government protesters and the police. 

Usually peaceful streets have come to resemble battleground, with petrol bombs, tear gas and rubber bullets having all been been deployed during the course of the ever-escalating conflict. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the city’s streets over the course of the protests, which began peacefully in June. Since then, demonstrations have become increasingly frequent and violent, with protesters storming parliament and shutting down Hong Kong’s airport. 

But what are people in Hong Kong protesting about? What happened over the weekend – and how have authorities reacted? Here’s everything you need to know about the conflict. 

What Is The Latest Update From Hong Kong? 

Protesters attempt to escape from tear gas while trying to leave the Polytechnic University campus on Monday

On Monday, the city’s Polytechnic University became the epicentre of conflict between protesters and Hong Kong police as officers laid siege to the campus, where demonstrators – thought to be armed with petrol bombs – have barricaded themselves in recent days. 

Amid fears of a bloody crackdown, officers have been firing rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators attempting to leave the uni – seemingly at odds with the words of a regional police chief who has urged protesters to exit the building peacefully.

It came after a night of chaos in Hong Kong, where roads were blocked, a bridge set on fire and a police officer shot with a bow and arrow. 

A protester is detained by riot police while attempting to leave campus

When protesters attempted to make a run for it – dodging tear gas canisters and sponge grenades while police pointed guns at them – some were arrested, while others were forced back inside. 

Over the weekend, 154 people – some as young as 13 – were arrested. Meanwhile, hospital authorities said 38 people were wounded on Sunday night.

Reuters reported seeing protesters with burns caused by chemicals fired from police water cannons. 


Why Are People In Hong Kong Demonstrating? 

Injured people are taken away after clashes between anti-government protesters and police on Monday

Demonstrations began this...

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