Why Owning a Royal Enfield Is Like Owning a Piece of History

Authenticity has always been the hallmark of Royal Enfield motorcycles and their latest offering is no different. Earlier this year, they launched their Classic 350 Redditch Series in India in three eye-catching colours. True to its name, this model is nothing short of a classic and is a hat tip to the company’s Redditch days, where it all started.

Before we go back in time and tell you more, here’s a video that gives you a glimpse into what makes the Classic 350 timeless.

How it all began

It all started in 1890 in a factory in Redditch in Worcestershire, England, where sturdily engineered bicycles were produced. By 1901, these very bicycles were equipped with engines making them the first motorcycles to come out of the Redditch factory. And that’s how the iconic Royal Enfield was born.

Soon, there were subsequent models and Royal Enfield became a household name, while Redditch earned itself a place in British motorcycling history.

Over the years, this brand that has aged and yet remained timeless, and this is no mean feat. One look at a Royal Enfield motorcycle, and it’s difficult to take your eyes off it. Right from its structure to the colours it is available in, every Royal Enfield has an old-world charm that’s hard to miss.

The legacy continues

Production at the brand’s Redditch factory may have ended in 1967, but the look and feel of a Royal Enfield even today is influenced by its early years. It evolved, but never lost touch with its roots.

In fact, so connected are they with their heritage, that for the Royal Enfield Classic 350, they have revived the original Redditch insignia.

This monogram is a tribute to the motorcycle’s Redditch days (Photo: Royal Enfield)

This iconic monogram first appeared in 1939. This too evolved with time, however for their latest model, they have used the original one. This is a tribute to the Redditch era and it doesn’t stop here.

The colours that Classic 350 is available in are reminiscent of the 1950s models that were produced in Redditch. During that period, Royal Enfield experimented with a lot of colours on their motorcycles and in the latter part of the decade, they zeroed in on three unique shades of red, blue and green – Chinese red, Wedgewood blue and Surf green. It is these very colours that have made a comeback in 2017. No wonder then this model has a strong stamp of history all over it.

The colours that Royal Enfield Classic 350 is available in are reminiscent of the 1950s (Photo: Royal Enfield)

Tryst with history

If you’ve observed Royal Enfield models over the years, you would’ve noticed the ‘Tiger Lamp’. These lights have been a key styling aspect of their bikes since 1954 and they continue to this day on the Classic models.

The Tiger Lamps have been a key styling aspect of Royal Enfield bikes since 1954 (Photo: Royal Enfield)

Together with the colours, the original monogram and the Tiger Lamp, the Classic 350s transport you to a decade that was a great time for Royal Enfield – the 1950s.

Every contour, every feature of this motorcycle tells you a story of an era gone by. That’s why they say -- you don’t just own a Royal Enfield, you own a piece of history!