Here’s Why Over a 100 Saree-Clad Women in Bengaluru Ran a Marathon

On Sunday, a group of about hundred women gathered in Indiranagar’s 100-Feet Road, Bengaluru.

Dressed in sarees, you’d never think that these women were actually there to run a marathon.

But that’s exactly what was happening.

Saree Run, a collaboration between Taneira, a brand of Titan, and Pinkathon, was organised to raise awareness about women’s health and breast cancer.

According to the organisers, about 120 women turned up on Sunday morning to participate in the run.

They warmed up with a Zumba session, and the Taniera staff helped them drape their sarees in dhoti-style so the garment would not hinder them while running.

Two women even came with their children – they strapped the children to their chests with baby wearers and off they went.

While some women completed the three-kilometre-long run in 15 minutes, the average time taken by the women was half an hour.

Also present at the event were notable names like Anju Kadam, Pragya Prasun and Nagarathna Bhat. While Anju is one of the co-founders of the 100 Saree Pact, a popular initiative to wear the saree for 100 days in a year, Pragya, an acid attack survivor, runs a rehabilitation centre for victims of acid attacks. Nagarathna is a visually impaired woman, who runs marathon, and has previously run the Pinkathon as well.

Pragya Prasun  
Nagarathna Bhat 
From right: Anju Kadam, Nagarathna Bhat and Pragya Prasun  

After finishing the run, the women shared inspiring stories, and why the cause of breast cancer and the larger issue of women’s health were important to them.

Apart from raising awareness about breast cancer and women’s health, Anju Kadam said that there was another motive behind the saree run.

"We wanted to promote the idea that you can run in whatever you are comfortable in. It could be shorts, but it could also be a saree." - Anju Kadam

This is not the first time women ran wearing sarees. In Hyderabad, Jayanthi, an IT manager, has also been running marathons in saree to support handloom and handicraft.

(This story was originally published in The News Minute, and has been republished here with permission.)

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