Why Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik is a Master at Disaster Management

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For health personnel’s commendable “selfless service to the people (of Odisha)”, Patnaik also appealed to the viewers to treat doctors and hospital staff with respect for their round-the-clock hard work “by sacrificing their comforts.”

His address to the state has also been calm and composed. And has been urging everyone in the state to do the same – to be prepared but not panic.

Patnaik, who has been lauded even by PM Modi for his swift thinking and actions, has also donated his three months’ salary to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund set-up for Covid-19.

With a rise in Indians returning from abroad, Patnaik set an example by registering his sister’s details, who was flying back to the country, on the government portal to keep a track of her travel history and further help with the testing for coronavirus. In his tweet, he also appealed to people to register details about their family members and friends coming from abroad for the same.

Although Odisha has confirmed two positive Covid-19 cases so far with zero fatalities, Patnaik wasted no time in declaring it a disaster as per the National Disaster Management Act. Following his lead, the Government of India declared it to be a notified disaster the very next day. In fact, before the entire nation could be declared under a lockdown, Patnaik had already announced “a near total-lockdown” of districts and towns in his states.

He stepped in and reached out to Odia students who were in Punjab, following the restricted travel movements. They were safely brought back to the state.

The CM has also gone on to request other ministers to look after Odia students stuck in their states, and has guaranteed that Odisha too will take care after their people.

In the times of a pandemic, it’s leaders like Naveen Patnaik with their quick-thinking and calm approach that keep the flame of hope burning.