So, That’s Why John Oliver Was in India

Do you remember the John Oliver video that went viral from the Indira Gandhi International airport last year? He praised the efficiency of the Indian airport, but we did not know why exactly he was in India.

A few months and many conjectures later, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight put to rest all our speculations.

John Oliver visited The Dalai Lama in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh to discuss the China-Tibet tussle and the future of Tibet.

The interview was wide-ranging, and sometimes even tense. Oliver asked, in no uncertain terms, why the Dalai Lama won’t condemn the practice of self-immolation among his acolytes, and the Dalai Lama simply said that it could ‘hurt their feelings’.

Oliver also asked him if he might be the last reincarnation ever, he replied that it’s “very possible,” but also added with a grin that it might be for good since he’s “very intelligent,” after all.

Watch the interview and tell us what you think about it.