Why was Hardik hiding his face after meeting Congress leader, asks BJP's Reshma Patel

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Why was Hardik hiding his face after meeting Congress leader, asks BJP's Reshma Patel

Hardik Patel's former aide and currently BJP leader Reshma Patel has questioned the Patidar leader's authenticity when speculations about his meeting with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi are on a rise.

Reshma Patel former aid of Hardik Patel had now attacked him over his secret meeting with Congress leaders in a private hotel where on Monday Rahul Gandhi also stayed.

Initially, Hardik Patel was not supposed to meet Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi. But then he was spotted in a same hotel where Rahul Gandhi was conducting marathon meetings with other Patidar leaders and Alpesh Thakore.

A CCTV footage confirmed that Hardik was there in the hotel.

"CCTV footage only clears that why we call Hardik Patel agent of Congress. I want to ask him what was there in that bag which he was carrying during that meeting. Why he is not making it clear how Congress is planning to give reservation to Patidar Community?", asked Reshma Patel who recently joined BJP.

Hardik Patel though didn't deny his meeting with Congress leaders but he clarified that he didn't meet Rahul Gandhi.

In such scenario where on one hand Hardik is saying that he is not interested in joining politics and want to work for the community, speculations around what did Hardik Patel and Rahul Gandhi talked about are rife.

"We want to ask him if he wants to become Congress agent? Why he is fooling the community by making false promises? There is no harm in joining politics but then do it openly." said Reshma Patel

BJP is already under attack for attempting to buy Patidar leaders and breaking their agitation, not only by Congress but also by Hardik Patel and his team. With induction of Patidar leaders like Varun Patel and Reshma Patel BJP is trying hard to keep its Patidar votes intact but if BJP doesn't go for damage control soon the gap between the Patidars and BJP could widen.