Why Global Thought Leaders and Gurus Swear by 19 Keys' BWO Initiative

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“Don’t be afraid to wear your crown”: this is the empowering statement put forward by BWO (Black World Order), a global organization that seeks to reconnect people with their hidden power. 19 Keys is a name that is now associated with visionary concepts and enlightened beliefs. 19 Keys is the co-founder of BWO, and he has been helping to spread the message of empowerment and enlightenment that global thought leaders and gurus alike swear by.

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19 Keys has joined together with four other leaders from the world of black-owned businesses to open up the wealth industry to those who can benefit the most from it. BWO promotes unification within the black-owned business community by empowering and educating students who join the movement. 19 Keys has been instrumental in the creation of BWO’s educational programs that aim to provide business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills needed to scale their businesses.

Other than providing educational support, BWO also provides investment to burgeoning black enterprises to help them kickstart their entrepreneurial ventures. 19 Keys’ expertise lies within his knowledge of the growth mindset. Speaking of the power of this enlightened concept, he says, “Our perception of life as we live it affects our personal growth and our material wealth. If we tap into our higher consciousness, we can experience higher thinking and undergo endless growth.”

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19 Keys was born and raised in St. Louis, West Oakland. He first reached prominence as the owner of the design brand Musahill. He has been involved in activism for many years and regularly speaks at rallies in Oakland. His public speaking skills have led him to become a well-known key-notes speaker and a thought-leader of his generation.

19 Keys and the BWO organization are ready to help those who want to reclaim their power and their figurative crown.