Why Franck Ribery would come to the A-League - Baumjohann

The German attacker believes Bayern Munich star would fit right it Down Under

Franck Ribery would able to eat his gold steak in peace if he came to the A-League, according to Western Sydney Wanderers playmaker Alexander Baumjohann.

The 36-year-old midfielder has been linked with a marquee to Australia after it was revealed Wanderers coach Markus Babbel had talked to him about making the journey across the globe from current club Bayern Munich.

Ribery made headlines earlier this year for eating a gold covered steak worth more than $1000 that was cooked by famous chef Nusret Gokce, otherwise known as Salt Bae, and Baumjohann joked that the anonymity of footballers in Australia would suit the French superstar.

"I think even a Franck Ribéry could eat his gold steak here in peace," Baumjohann joked during an interview with German website transfermarkt.

"If he wants his peace, he should come. In Australia, you can live your life as a footballer in peace. 

"Of course, fans from time to time talk to you on the street, but this is not comparable to Europe or South America."

However, Baumjohann thinks such a move for Ribery to Australia will be unlikely because of the riches available in other Asian leagues.

He cited the failed moves of the A-League to attract Spanish superstar Andres Iniesta and Sydney FC to sign Fernando Torres.

"I can not really imagine [Ribery coming to Australia]. Especially in recent years, top stars like Torres or Iniesta have been associated with Australian clubs again and again, but I do not think the money is enough for such players," he said.

"They are probably more oriented towards China or Japan, where more is paid. So it would be a huge surprise if Ribéry came. I would definitely wish it."

Baumjohann, who played for four Bundesliga clubs including Bayern Munich, believes the best A-League sides are comparable to the top teams in Germany's second division 2.Bundesliga.

He also said that a few players from each Australian club would be good enough to play in the Bundesliga but most would be scattered between the second and third tiers.

"The two best clubs would perhaps play in the top of the 2.Bundesliga and the rest plays on lower second league level," Baumjohann said.

"In each club there are one, two players who could play in the Bundesliga. Five to six professionals would play a good role in the 2nd league. The rest is then at lower two or three league levels."

The 32-year-old set the A-League alight in his early games for the Wanderers but has struggled with injury in the second half of the season - and has only managed two goals in his 17 appearances.

With his contract expiring at the end of the season, Baumjohann intimated he was looking for a move to another Asian region but didn't rule out staying in Australia.

"I would definitely like to play in Asia again. Not necessarily in Saudi Arabia, but something like Japan or South Korea, I could definitely imagine very well," Baumjohann said.

"There, the level is even higher than here in Australia.

"I could imagine staying in Australia, but I'm also open to other things. These things will probably only really start when the season is over."