Why did you ask for obsolete, discarded EVMs for MCD election: Arvind Kejriwal to Delhi poll panel

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal continues his crusade against Election Commission for the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs).

Arvind Kejriwal today wrote to Delhi State Election Commissioner S K Srivastava expressing shock over alleged procurement of obsolete and discarded Generation 1 EVMs from Rajasthan to conduct MCD polls.

He asked why the state election commission asked for Generation 1 EVMs which are incompatible with VVPAT (Voter-verified paper audit trail).

"Supreme Court has categorically said that elections should be held with VVPAT machines. Then why did you not at least make an attempt to procure VVPAT machines?" Kejriwal wrote.

The Delhi chief minister said AAP "strongly opposes the use of machines sourced from Rajasthan in MCD election".

In the letter, Arvind Kejriwal had put forth three demands to the state election commissioner:

1) All machines sourced from Rajasthan should be immediately withdrawn as they are tampered. 2) All state and nationally recognised parties should be allowed technical examination of some of the machines which are being used for MCD election. 3) MCD electon should be held only and only with VVPAT machines.

The letter to state election commissioner.


Since the Punjab Assembly election, where AAP suffered defeat, Arvind Kejriwal's party has blamed EVM rigging for its disappointing performance.

A few days ago, he had hit out at Election Commission and called it a Dhritasrashtra" who is trying to ensure Duryodhana wins. "Chunaav aayog Dhritarashtra ban gaya hai jo apne bete Duryodhan ko saam daam dand bhed karke satta mein pohuchana chahta hai" (Election Commission has become Dhritarashtra who wants to ensure his son Duryodhana gets power at any cost).

Several Opposition parties led by the Congress had met Election Commission officials on Monday and raised the issue of EVM tampering with them.