Here’s Why Chetan Bhagat Won’t Explain Anything Anymore

It seems like internet trolls have finally gotten to Chetan Bhagat.

The author is known to be vocal about his opinions on contemporary issues and seldom shies away from expressing his views. Thus, he has often been subjected to internet trolls who have accused the writer of being a number things ranging from a bhakt to an incompetent writer.

Bhagat has decided that he won’t defend his opinions or explain his stance on social media anymore.

He wrote a 574-word post on Facebook explaining his ‘No More Explanations Policy’ or ‘NMEP.’

"I won’t abuse with the same intensity, as you hate a leader or party because, well, I simply don’t hate them or anyone that way. My views on the economy and policy are consistent, and if you actually were inclined to listen and learn I would have explained so. However, whenever I try to clarify, it makes things worse. You feel exposed and threatened and outrage even more – because obviously admitting you were wrong is something you never do on Twitter." - Chetan Bhagat, Author

Read the full post here:

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Twitterati were split on their views of the author adopting the ‘NMEP.’

‘You Have Done The Right Thing’

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‘You are Answerable to All if You Are on a Public Domain’

Facebook users, too, were divided on Bhagat’s NMEP.

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