Why CBS, CNN's post-VP debate 'instant reaction' polls told different stories!

Washington, Oct. 13 (ANI): Following the much-spirited vice presidential debate between United States Vice President Joe Biden and Republican challenger Paul Ryan, the polls released by CBS News and CNN just after the face-off, about who American voters thought won the evening's showdown, told two very different stories.

According to the CBS poll, Biden delivered a decisive victory, with 50 percent of respondents electing him as the winner and 31 choosing Ryan. But CNN's poll showed a much closer contest, with Ryan leading by four points, at 48 percent to Biden's 44 percent.

Jen De Pinto, manager of surveys for CBS News' polling unit, said that the difference in the polling results was apparently because it was conducted among different samples of voters.

"The CNN and CBS News post-debate polls were conducted among two different samples of voters so different results are not that surprising," CBS News quoted De Pinto, as saying.

"The CBS News Poll interviewed uncommitted voters who watched the debate, voters who are undecided in this election or pick a candidate but say they could change their minds," he added.

According to the report, De Pinto said that uncommitted voters, who also represent themselves as Independents, represent about 15 to 20 percent of the electorate and are potentially up for grabs, as most do not align themselves with a political party.

While the CNN survey conducted interviews with not just those who are undecided or could change their minds, but many voters who have already decided on a candidate, CBS News has been conducting post-debate instant reaction polls among 'uncommitted voters' since 2004, the report said. (ANI)