Why Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day ?

The most interesting advantage is the fact that breakfast starts to burn more calories during the day. When you have breakfast you inform your body that you had a lot of calories for the day. The message that your body receives when you miss breakfast is that now your body has to store calories rather than burn them.

This is Now You Know and in this video we will tell you the reasons about why breakfast is considered the king of all meals.

It Breaks Your Fast

Your last night dinner and your morning breakfast is usually the longest time your body runs out of food. Eating in two hours after waking up will affect the way glucose levels are regulated for the remaining day and the insulin that carries glucose to energy use cells. When you miss breakfast, it's not just an empty it's also your brain. And when you sit down to eat you will be starving, as a result you will over eat.

Minimizes the Risk of Heart Diseases

People who skip breakfast results in overeating the majority of the time and overeating is a prime factor for unwanted weight gain which can lead to high cholesterol and problems of blood pressure. Studies found that the rate of heart disease among breakfast eaters was lower than among those who skipped.

Keeps You Alert

The energy absorbed from your breakfast is enjoyed by your brain. A bowl of Oatmeal is as critical for physical activity as it is for attention and concentration. In one study, people who were fed oats were considerably better when it came to absorbing the information, than people who didn't eat.

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