Why Bollywood Can’t Seem to Handle Kangana Ranaut

So, it’s clear that Karan Johar didn’t like Kangana Ranaut having gone all guns blazing at him on his popular chat show Koffee With Karan. Reacting to Kangana’s statements on the show, Karan first made it clear that he was gracious enough to not edit her comments about him on the show. Well, Kangana was given a platform to speak on Koffee With Karan and she not only accused him of having given her “attitude”, she also said that she saw Johar as a “snooty, flag bearer of nepotism” and thought that the filmmaker suffered from “verbal diarrhoea”.

The filmmaker couldn’t stomach all this, and he went on to say recently:

Karan Johar“I’m done with Kangana playing the woman card and the victim card. I mean you cannot be this victim at every given point of time who has a sad story to tell about how you’ve been terrorised by the bad world of the industry, leave it!”

Looking back, Kangana has over the years spoken about her struggle to make it during her early days in the film industry. She’s spoken about how the “insiders” looked down upon her, she’s spoken about the physical abuse she went through in a relationship with a senior actor who she considered her mentor, she’s also complained about the infamous wage gap in the industry. Take a peek:

To sum it up, Kangana’s been bold and upright when it came to talking about her trials and tribulations in Bollywood. Unlike the usual diplomatic, ass-kissing culture that the industry encourages, the actress has stuck her neck out and spoken her mind, which B-town finds hard to digest.

It’s surprising that Johar of all the people finds Kangana to be a victim card holding cry baby. The filmmaker is known to be a progressive, liberal, witty sport who thrives on self-deprecating humour. Surely, a colleague’s no-holds barred chat shouldn’t ruffle his feathers to the point that he needs to discredit her.

Nope, Kangana isn’t playing the “woman” card or the “victim card”, she’s just being herself - a feisty lady who wants to be heard, be counted and not be discriminated against - the kind of person most Bollywood insiders can’t handle.