Why the backstory about basketball team Toronto Raptors’ superfan Nav Bhatia is going viral

Saying Nav Bhatia was the Raptors biggest fan, a journalist shared how sports can be a bridge between communities.

Sometimes a superfan of a team can unite a community. Canadian journalist, Muhammad Lila took to Twitter to share the beautiful story of a superfan of the Toronto Raptors basketball team in which he spoke about the fan’s early struggles, his road to success and how he helped others like him later. The tweet has since gone viral and Lila has highlighted how rapper Drake may be the team’s best known fan, but Nav Bhatia is it’s most dedicated one.

Lila said 67-year-old Bhatia was "the biggest fan" of the team, and that he had arrived in Canada in the 1980s. She pointed out that he had never missed a single game from 1995. "As a brown turbaned guy with an accent he couldn t get a job as an engineer, so he wound up working as a car salesman at dealership in a rough part of town," Lila wrote.

The journalist went on to say how using his charm and honesty Bhatia rose to the top. And even bought the dealership he had once joined as an employee!

"In any other city (looking at you, MIL), a guy like Nav might stand out. But not in Toronto. We re a place where immigration works. Multiculturalism works. Ask anyone who s been to a Raps game and they ll tell you it s the most perse place in the world," Lila wrote.

Sharing the story about Bhatia’s fight against racism and hardships in an immigrant’s life, he talked about how the Canadian-India now gives back to society and does his bit for other immigrants now. Also in an indirect attack at US President Donald Trump, Lila wrote, "That while the world is building walls, Canada is building bridges. A guy like @superfan_nav is our best symbol of that."

After the thread went viral, the journalist got in touch with Bhatia to know his views about Canada’s approach towards inclusivity. Bhatia praised his country and said that their southern neighbour can learn a lot.

People online were touched by Bhatia’s journey and how multiculturism and immigration work.