Check your own conduct before slamming govt: Juhi Chawla

Actor Juhi Chawla on Wednesday said instead of constantly criticising the government, one should reflect on own conduct and talk about uniting rather than dividing.

The actor attended an event which aimed to counter 'Free Kashmir (narrative), anti-India slogans, false propaganda and clear the misconception.'

Juhi said as artistes, it's unfair to be questioned about incidents 'just for a reaction' when they should be given time to truly understand the situation.

'We are going to work, thinking how to execute our task, then some incident happens somewhere and suddenly the media asks, 'what do you think about this?' We haven't understood the matter, people haven't understood the matter but you need a reaction.

'Let people understand, whether it's NRC or CAA, and what is it about, why is this being talked about,' Juhi told reporters.

The actor said it is sad that people talk about division more than unity.

'Everyone is quick to talk about dividing. Why don't we talk about uniting? Why does everyone say 'what is the government doing, why is it doing this?' but I say if you point one finger there then three fingers are at you.

What are we doing? Let's be calm, understand the situation,' she added. PTI