Here’s Why Apple Could Have Left Your iCloud Data Unsecure

iPhone users rely on Apple’s iCloud to back up their data, making sure they have a copy of messages, photos and other data that can be retrieved whenever needed. But as we’ve noticed with WhatsApp messages getting backed up on iCloud, it seems a lot of other iOS data is stored unsecure by the company.

Till now we’ve not found any reasons behind this move from Apple, which proudly advocates for user data privacy. So what forced Apple to change its tactic?

According to a new report this week, sources have been quoted saying to Reuters, who claim Apple was asked to disable encryption for iCloud backed up data by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The report claims the FBI wasn’t keen for Apple to secure all the data of its users, complaining the move would be problematic during case investigations.

The report also points out Apple decided to pull the encryption plug on iCloud backed up data a couple of years ago, and apparently, it didn’t feel the need to inform its users about doing so.

This all began two years ago when Apple informed the FBI about its decision to secure all the iCloud data with end-to-end encryption. This move would have ensured all the iPhone user’s data is secure behind lock and key, which even Apple couldn’t have accessed to read the content stored.

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The news shared by Apple is likely to have irked the FBI, who would have found it hard to access data of a particular user, even if a court order was issued to access the details. This is why the FBI then reportedly spoke to Apple privately, as per the sources in the report, and asked the Cupertino-based giant to scrap its plans of encrypting iCloud data. “They decided they weren’t going to poke the bear anymore,” said the source.

The sources haven’t given the exact reasons for Apple scrapping the encryption plan, but it’s highly possible the company had concerns about the government coming after it, accusing them of trying to protect the criminals.

Should iPhone Users be Worried?

This startling development is likely to concern iPhone users, who’re probably thinking twice before taking backups of their data on iCloud. So, should they be doing it anymore?

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Security experts suggest that for regular users, storing on the iCloud may not be a big issue but just in case they’re not keen for Apple to hand over data, they could rely on traditional methods of saving data from their iPhone to Mac or PC for that matter.

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