White tiger kills youth in Delhi zoo

White tiger kills youth in Delhi zoo

NEW DELHI: A 20-year-old boy was on Tuesday killed by a white tiger after he jumped into the animal's cage in Delhi Zoo, an official said.

"The youth himself jumped into the tiger's cage. We are trying to ascertain his identity," R.A. Khan, curator, National Zoological Park, Delhi, told IANS.

The tiger mauled the youth, who was later identified as Maqsood, killing him. The tragic incident occurred at around 1.30 pm.

According to TV reports, some eye witnesses present on the spot claim the barricade at the zoo was too low. The boy accidentally fell into the tiger's enclosure as he attempted to get a closer look at the carnivore.

The tiger latched on to the student's neck over the barricade.

Eye-witnesses say there were no security guards around the tiger's enclosure. (With inputs from agencies)