White German model who turned herself into a black woman wants 'African-style' nose

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Martina Big has returned to Botched with one Martina Big difference. Turns out, after being denied her extra large butt implants to match her extra large breasts last season, Martina went down a dark cosmetic path and, like all of us, the doctors were utterly shocked.

When Big visited the offices of Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow last season, the German model had pale skin and bleached blonde hair. But when Big walked into their office for her latest appointment, she was sporting a much darker skin tone and a dark, curly wig. The look so startled Nassif that he had to ask if it was real.

Big had used an experimental drug, injected into her belly, that dramatically changed her skin shade. Big said that when her eye and hair color began to change, she fully committed to the new look. “I’m really proud that it works for me so well,” Big said. “I decided to support my body to going really African girl. I bought a wig. Black curls.” 

Big also said that she frequently has lip injections to maintain her “African style” and now needs a nose job to match. But Nassif and Dubrow were unsure.

When asked if she plans to stay with her darker skin color for the rest of her life, Big replied, “I don’t think I’m going to wake up and go, ‘Oh, no, I need to go back very soon.’ No. Nope. I’m going to stay black.” Unfortunately for Big, Nassif decided it would be irresponsible to do what she was asking. “I really want Martina to wait before she makes a decision like this because, one thing, we don’t know how long this crazy experiment is gonna last,” he said.

The doctors turned down Big’s request because they felt she should live in her new skin for at least a couple of years before making a more permanent alteration to her face.

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