White Fungus Cases Reported in Bihar: Know All About the Infection Touted to be Deadlier than Black Fungus

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Four white fungus cases were detected in Patna Medical College Hospital on Thursday, Head of Department of Microbiology Dr SN Singh said. The infections come amid rising reports of Mucormycosis cases or (black fungus), which is primarily affecting people recovering from Covid-19.

According to Singh, the newly detected fungal infections pose a risk to patients on oxygen support and is reported to cause skim damages. If detected late, the infection can lead to death, he warned. The doctor appealed to covid and recovering covid patients (who have tested negative) to take white fungus seriously.

What is White Fungus?

According to experts, white fungus infections are more dangerous than black fungus due to its acute affect on lungs and other body parts including nails, skin, stomach, kidney, brain, private parts and mouth.

Similar to the black fungus in which factors such as severe diabetes and suppression of immune system increases risk to people catching the infection, white fungus pose dangerous to patients that have low immunity.

Other factors such as diabetic patients and those who are on steroids which suppress immune system make a patient vulnerable to catching the fungal infection.

The four white fungus cases reported in Patna hospital showed covid-related symptoms but did not test positive for covid. “In all the cases, their lungs were found infected. Anti-fungal medicines were given and the patients recovered,” Singh told DNA.

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