Trump is Riding 'The Beast', Modi is Travelling in Range Rover for the US President's India Visit

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have arrived in India during their two day visit to India. While the US President is driven around on the roads of Ahemdabad in his 'Beast', a 2018 model of a unique Cadillac which serves as a miniature version of White House, Narendra Modi, India's Prime Minister who welcomed Trump at the airport is travelling separately in the armoured Range Rover SUV.

The SUV in which Narendra Modi came is a 2010 Range Rover HSE, which he often uses for official travel and was last seen during the Republic Day 2020. The SUV packs a 5.0-litre, V8 engine. The luxury SUV is manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover which is owned by Indian auto major, Tata Motors.

The Presidential Cadillac of Trump, on the other hand, is actually a giant Chevrolet SUV platform underneath a body designed to look like a cadillac. That gives it the ability to be armored, tough and able to hammer its way out of a crisis situation, while at the same time being a rolling symbol of American class.

Until the assassination of John F. Kennedy, US Presidents would often stand and ride uncovered in their state cars for the sake of their fans. However, Kennedy's assassination led to tight security regimen with introduction of bullet-proof, armored and sealed cars.

Motorcades escorting the US presidential state car constitute around 50 vehicles maintained by White House Military Office and helicopters of Marine One.