While Batman solo movie is on hold, Batgirl makes her way to the big screen

Dishya Sharma
Joss Whedon


Though Batman's solo movie has hit the speed breaker due to unavailability of the director, DC has moved on to begin work on another solo spinoff – Batgirl. While the studio already has three big movies in the pipeline – Wonder Woman, Justice League and Aquaman – DC/Warner Bros camp is working their way to making the Batgirl movie. And guess who's been roped in to helm the project!

An Avengers director is shifting base from Marvel and moving to the DC camp. Director Joss Whedon is jumping on to the Bat series as he takes charge as the director of the Batgirl movie, Variety reports.

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The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron director has been signed up to not only direct but also produce the Batgirl movie.

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But which actress will don the Batgirl cape? While a few fan artworks drew Emma Stone playing the Batgril, sources close to Entertainment Weekly say the film will star Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon, under the cowl.


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The website writes, "The movie will use the DC Comics New 52 version of the character as a starting point. In that time line, launched in 2011, Barbara has recovered from a paralyzing spinal injury notoriously inflicted on her by the Joker in the 1988 graphic novel The Killing Joke. In the earlier books, that damage confined her to a wheelchair and ended her flying, swinging, punching career as Batgirl — but she continued to fight the good fight under the name Oracle as a super-hacker."

Does Batgirl have a back story? Of course. According to the comics, she had a PhD and was the chief librarian for Gotham City public library. She was the daughter of a lifelong crime fighter who became an ally to another who wore a mask and cape instead of a badge.

There is no confirmation if The Joker will make an appearance, but Batgirl – The Joker tiff will play a key role in the upcoming DCEU movie.

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