Where are the specifics? | The Newshour Agenda

Where are the specifics? | The Newshour 10 On the Newshour 10, A crisis like no other where the number of people affected by the Covid-19 virus is at its peak, the most alarming thing right now is the very high positivity rate in the country. Now the important question raised is over the fact that where are the specifics and the data which the people of this nation need at this point in time. Padmaja Joshi brings up some huge contentions and issues. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the nation and highlights some of the important issues, along with which he said that the lockdown should be the last resort for any state and the chances of nationwide lockdown are ruled out. But in the whole ongoing speech by Mr Modi, there were no specifics mentioned, that are required to assure the people. Today everyone is asking that where is the oxygen supply, beds, vaccines and much more. When asked where are specifics that were expected in the PM address today, BJP Spokesperson Sanju Verma retaliates by saying that “the PM deserves applause for what he is doing, he is absolutely right on dot, he acknowledged the problem and the central government has gone out to everything be it education, be it airlifting oxygen and much more. The Modi government has done what it can and what it should” Watch the video to know more!