“Where’s the Beef?” Sanjeev Kapoor Trolled Over ‘Malabar Paneer’

For Malayalis, food is an emotion and hardly do 'attacks' on their food go unnoticed by the lot.

Popular chef and television anchor Sanjeev Kapoor appears to have been the latest to get a dose of this from Twitter users, after he shared the recipe of what he called ‘Malabar Paneer’.

Describing the dish, Sanjeev Kapoor wrote: "Malabar Paneer – A wonderful Malabar dish that has the flavours, spices and offers several gastronomic opportunities. The food is generally fresh, aromatic and flavoured."

While the video of the cooking instructions looked tempting in itself, many Keralites were far from impressed, and questioned what paneer was doing in Malabar! Traditional Malabari dishes are spicy, rich in flavours, and usually contain meat.

So naturally, many users were irked by...eh...the obvious absence of beef in the dish.

Users just couldn't fathom how Malabar and paneer could go together. Here's what some of them said:

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While some users tried to reason that Kapoor's dish was an experimental one, not many were pleased. Clearly.

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