When we step out of this, the world would’ve changed forever

Diksha Dwivedi
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Mumbai, India

Life is tough: the homo sapiens have known and lived this fact for years, decades, centuries. This unpredictable lockdown (since we don’t really know when it will end) is a true test of this fact, something we often just write on our social media platforms and don’t necessarily mean it.

Businesses are suffering, lives are suffering, the world is suffering. Some finance minister somewhere in this world couldn’t handle the stress of the dying economy and killed himself, some others killed themselves because of alcohol ban.

We all have different lives and different purposes to live for, I guess. One common point that remains is that the world is suffering, together - in one way or the other.

Mahindra & Mahindra head honcho Anand Mahindra has mentioned it multiple times in his tweets and I quote, that ‘this is a RESET button of sorts’.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, could we have expected the world to come together like this? Fighting not each other, but a common battle called COVID-19.

It’s uncanny. Everything around us, right now. We’ve been forced to go virtual with everything we do in our everyday lives, entertainment included.

I knew that gig economy was the future of work but I would have expected this kind of a transformation to happen 10-20 years from now but it’s happening already.

Everyone needs (and not want) to find a way to sit at home, work and earn money and we’re getting creative with that, aren’t we?

Everything and everyone is online - NH7 weekender, Standup open mic, other music gigs and what not.

Makes me wonder what we’d have done without the Internet in such times? What did people do in 1918-20 when the Spanish flu happened? Then, they had a world war to fight too I guess.

No wonder, no book came out of that virus, that time and what we could’ve learnt from it.

The world is changing because of a virus and not technology, for a change. The one thing we must look forward to when all this ends is the world we will be stepping on to when we come out of our houses: he creatures we will stumble upon, the air we will breathe, the oceans we will see.

True, there are all kinds of predictions that make these times a bit difficult but there are always counter arguments for those, I’d say. After all, they are called ‘prediction’ for a reason.

For example, a German prediction from 2013 says that it will take about 10 months for this virus to leave our lives but it will come back thrice, which means we may live like this for another 3 years, on and off.

But, did the German experts take into account the innovative ways in which different countries will deal with the virus?

Like the Indian railways are turning some of their compartments into isolation coaches to contribute towards the fight against the pandemic. The predictions made could’ve also not estimated the massive amounts India’s richest people are putting into the fight.

One prediction I do like is the following, it makes my day every time I read it and hopefully, it’ll make yours, too:

“In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrives, attack again ten years later and then disappear completely.” ~ End of Days by Sylvia Brown.

Moral of the story? We’ll be reading many predictions in the following days: many that will scare the living daylights out of us and some that’ll calm us down. And it’ll be upon us which ones to believe in and focus on because after all, it’s our choice how to spend our life till the day we die.

We can live every second of it or we can die every second of it. The choice is yours to pick.

I’d rather just feel alive every waking second of my living days, till I have them. And you?


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