WhatsApp’s new policy | Fear of breach of privacy; Why is it striking a controversy?

Why should one be concerned while using WhatsApp as a platform for communication? Times Now explains with factual information in the latest controversial debate about WhatsApp’s new data privacy policy. WhatsApp is used by two billion people. ‘WhatsApp as a company has stated the obvious. It has given no clarification on its modified stand on the amended privacy policy’, explains Pavan Duggal, Cyber Law Expert.

Karnika Seth, Advocate and Cyber security expert further explains that there is a lot of ambiguity in the communication policy. She further adds, Under our IT law payment details are classified as sensitive information. Clickwrap agreement will give a license to WhatsApp to publish their information.

Pavan Duggal further adds, ‘Let us not believe what WhatsApp tells us to be absolutely true. If WhatsApp is going to mortgage my privacy with independent 3rd party service providers, my details will be shared with them’.