WhatsApp now lets you set reminders from within the app but here's the big caveat

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Apps like Messenger by Facebook, or iMessage on iOS, and even the native messaging app on Android, among others, have for a long time allowed its users to set reminders from within the app. Now, WhatsApp is also adding a similar feature to the messenger.

WhatsApp is integrating the Any.do app within the messenger, to allow users to set reminders from within the messaging app. According to a blog post by Any.do, besides being able to set reminders from within WhatsApp, users will also be able to share events and reminders that have been saved on the Any.do app.

The feature will be available for all WhatsApp users across the globe.

WhatsApp now lets you set reminders from within the app.

WhatsApp now lets you set reminders from within the app.

To use the feature, users will have to download the Any.do app on their smartphone.

WhatsApp users will see a separate chat window with Any.do. They will simply have to just type out reminders they needs. Setting reminders would be like asking a friend to remind you to do something. Simply just chat on with Any.do.

In case you want to add a reminder to something someone told you on the messenger, you can also simply forward that message to the Any.do chat on WhatsApp and that will also be added to your reminders.

But there is a big caveat in this feature. Any.do app requires you to pay this feature at $2.99 per month, with the first week being free. For trying out the feature as well, you need to share your card details before you begin the free trial. You will be charged for the service a week after you start using the feature.

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