WhatsApp Lets Users Send Files Up to 100MB, Telegram Not Impressed

Most Gmail users have shared feedback that offering 25MB as the limit for sending files on email, that too in 2019 hardly makes any sense. Which is why, users have had to either resort to alternative options like Dropbox or WeTransfer to send heavy files on a daily basis.

But Facebook-owned WhatsApp thinks it can also be a decent option to send files, with a limit up to 100MB at a time.

While this is definitely more than that offered by Gmail, it doesn’t compare well with the 1.5GB file transfer limit on Telegram, which is another social messaging app on mobile and desktop.

And this fact was quickly pointed out by the Russia-based messaging client, which had a cheeky rebuttal to WhatsApp claims of being a more generous mailing alternative for file transfers.

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So, in addition to claims of being more secure than WhatsApp for messaging, Telegram also lets you send files larger than 1GB in size, which the Facebook-owned platform doesn’t match up to.

Still, one would have to say that WhatsApp, with over 400 million users in India itself, has been the go-to messaging app for billions of people across the globe. Whereas Telegram caters to less than 250 million users globally.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that video/photos sent via WhatsApp are delivered in a compressed format, that is, not in original quality.

The main reason for WhatsApp’s popularity is its ability to let you make video/audio calls, even with multiple people, make payments in select countries (for now), and create Status/Stories as well.

With Telegram, you can already use dark mode, there’s a secret message with timer (after which it lapses) and doesn’t even let the user get details of other people on the group or platform without their consent.

WhatsApp was lauded for its privacy centric focus and offering its services for free. Little did we know that the "free" part would come back haunt us, especially when Facebook knocked on its doorstep with an offer that WhatsApp and its founders couldn’t refuse.

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Switch the focus to 2019, Telegram is the first name which comes to mind and for all the right reasons as well. More importantly, relies on user donations, thereby not looking to collect or track user activities and messages, and also, you can add up to 2 lakh people in a single group!

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