WhatsApp payment option with UPI support is being tested in beta in India: Report

tech2 News Staff
By going the UPI route, WhatsApp will seemingly avoid the regulatory hassles involved with setting up a payments bank or digital wallet.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp is apparently showing an >in-chat UPI payment option.

>According to a GizmoTimes report, the option is available only to beta users as of now. To use it, the user has to open the attachment option, where a payment option appears alongside other options like Documents, Gallery, Audio, Location and Contact.

Apart from this, it is also showing up on the settings page for some beta testers.

On selecting the option, the user is asked if they want to receive or pay using UPI. It must be noted that the person must have a UPI account as well.

Secondly, this option is also showing a host of bank options for the user for linking to their UPI accounts.

According to the report, no payment option is operational since it is at the beta stage right now.

Earlier in 2017, WhatsApp had sought permission from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to allow >UPI payment system through their channel. Along with Google Tez, WhatsApp also got permission. While Google Tez' UPI payment system is operational, WhatsApp's is now awaited.

This would make payments much easier for users since it is one of the more popularly used messaging apps.

The service doesn't seem to be available to everyone even in the beta stage, however, as we haven't seen the options in our copy of WhatsApp Beta. View More