What's the collective IQ of this country?

Diksha Dwivedi
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Mumbai, India

The 12th day of the lockdown started beautifully until 9 pm. The whole country, including the empty streets of all the ghost towns had something to look forward to, a ‘lit’ up night, perhaps. A night we hadn’t witnessed in days.

After all, it were the prime minister’s orders to switch off all electricity for 9 minutes at 9 pm tonight in our homes. Logic? Unspecified.

The ration promised to the needy may not have reached their homes yet but the diyas definitely reached their doorsteps today.

And when Modi ji speaks, the world listens. That is his most endearing and annoying quality because he always has the pressure to make sense and lately, his speeches trying to unite the nation are working in two very extreme ways.

You either laugh his statements off, or you over-follow his instructions and create mayhem, thereby increasing the number of positive cases of COVID-19 in this country.

Do tell me which one are you in the comments below! And let’s continue that conversation on Twitter, because the collective IQ of the audience there is bearable.

I’m sorry to say, or not, but I’m only concerned right now about our reactions because this time, unlike other ‘intolerant’ times when we sometimes speak with rage for no reason, the impact of his orders and speeches affect our lives directly.

Like it did tonight, the overexcitement of people brought them to the roads again shouting, ‘Go corona, corona go’, again putting our lives at risk.

I’ve honestly started to wonder if it’s our prime minister who overestimates the intellect of the audience he’s speaking with on national television or, we, the people of India, are just on a suicide mission.

No other reason for such ignorant behavior from the public in this time makes any sense to me.

What do we think the coronavirus is? Why is it a global pandemic? What do we need to do to play it safe at this hour? We have all the answers on google but not the IQ to follow them correctly?

I don’t have the answer to this question right now but hey, here’s the new normal.

Many of us still look forward to our Sundays for reasons unsaid and untold. But frustrations are going up, supply of groceries is going down and there are no signs of non-essentials that we often drown our miseries in, in life. If you know what I mean.

A 1-litre tetra pack of milk is being sold for ₹100, things not available on the ‘essentials’ list are being sold at a much higher price in black, the underprivileged have not yet started receiving rations to not die of starvation, global COVID-19 cases have crossed the 1 million mark with India having crossed 3,500 mark for the number of positive cases.

All of the above is happening in this country and world, but our countrymen are coming together not to save humanity but to attack the health workers who can save our lives, have communal arguments and attack minor communities, clap and bang utensils from balconies/windows/terrace, burst crackers and do panic buying to worsen the supply and demand chain.

We’re doing everything but working towards really restricting the spread of coronavirus.

Why? I have zero idea. But if you do, please tell me.

Until then, will you please call your house help (maid, cook, driver, etc.) today to ask them how they’re doing and if they need any kind of help in terms of cash or ration?

Trust me, getting their blessings after that call will be way more powerful than lighting a candle in your balcony or clapping aggressively for the people who’ll not be able to see you while you’re at it appreciating their work.

Do your bit while you can - any act of kindness you’ll be proud of after this lockdown is permanently lifted.

Why? Because you can. Millions of them can’t even afford 2 meals a day during this time.

With love and rage,

Yours truly.

So, tell us, what is your #LifeWithCorona story in the Comments section

Lookout for Part 11 tomorrow!

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