What's in a Name: Couple Names Their Daughter After Their Favourite Mutual Fund


Every era has its own set of popular baby names. Ranging from the names of popular celebrities, fictional characters, places or even objects, baby names could be inspired by anything that one loves. But now, an Indian couple has stunned all by naming their child after a mutual fund.

The couple, based in Sweden, named their daughter 'Mirae'. If you think you have heard that name before, it's because you probably have. It's inspired by Mirae Asset Mutual Fund.

As per the doctor who delivered the baby, the couple had been investing in Mirae Asset Mutual Fund for some time now and were so pleased with the results that they decided to dedicate their daughter's name to it, Live Mint reported.

Unlike what some may be thinking, 'Mirae' is not a play on the Indian name 'Mira'. In fact, it is Korean. It means 'good future' in the language, an apt name for both an offspring as well as a mutual fund company.

Not long ago, many parents who had named their daughters 'Danaerys', based on Dany Targaryan from Game of Thrones, were dismayed after the finale when everyone's favourite 'Mother of Dragons' turned into the evil, arsonist 'Mad Queen'.