'What's a Commie Hat?': Jeremy Corbyn Reacts to Mean Tweets Trolls Send Him, Twitter Lights Up


"What's a commie hat?"

That was the first response from United Kingdom's Labour Party candidate Jeremy Corbyn as he sat down on Twitter to read some of the meanest tweets he has received from netizens.

Corbyn, who will be contesting the general elections against Conservative's Boris Johnson who is also currently the Prime Minister of Britain, shared a video of himself reading "mean tweets" posted to him on the micro-clogging site.

One of the first comments he read out loud was "I'll bet Jeremy Corbyn would be glad when this election is over so he can go back to wearing his commie hat".

"It's a bit like when I was told I was riding a Maoist motorcycle," Corbyn joked.

Other criticisms included complaints against Corbyn's alleged belief in "magic money" that can pay for free education that the Labour has promised.

Corbyn, however, answers every trolling tweet with humility and wit, even adding a joke or two in between. Since being posted on December 10, the video has garnered thousands of likes and shares.

The stunt seemed to have paid off as many on the internet praised Corbyn's witty campaign idea.

The United Kingdom is set to vote for a new Prime Minister on Dec 12.