5 Filmmakers, 15 Films: What You Need To Watch On MUBI This Weekend

Ankur Pathak
A still from Cleo From 5 to 7

If you have exhausted everything from Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar and are in the mood for non-mainstream aesthetics in film, allow us to introduce to you some auteurs from the gorgeous tapestry of world cinema.

The boutique streaming service, MUBI, home to a curated catalogue of indie and world cinema greats has opened a library section for its subscribers, with a wide variety of previously unavailable titles. The library, MUBI promises, features “releases, past specials, retrospectives, double-bills and other exclusives.”

Here are 15 iconic titles, from filmmakers from Chile and France, Poland and India, that offer a window into the early works of the auteurs and best symbolise both their style as well as their influence on filmmaking across the world. We’ve arranged them in bouquets of three, so you can geek out on each filmmaker before you move.

While MUBI’s library is rich and varied, it could do with more names from South East Asia (no Jia Zhangke, Kurosawa, or Wong Kar Wai) and the Middle East (no Panahi, Kiarostami, or Farhadi), two film industries that are still underrepresented in their catalogue.

Agnès Varda: Cleo From 5 to 7, Vagabond, One Sings, the Other Doesn’t

Few movies capture anxiety with the unsettling intimacy of Agnes Varda’s Cleo From 5 to 7. A film about a pop star awaiting her biopsy results, Cleo taps into our primal fear of mortality by playing on our psychological fragility.

The film captures Paris in delicious black-and-white as Cleo hops from cafes to streets to a park, acutely aware of the presence of other people and at times, their conversations. It is a remarkable exploration of the inner turmoil of someone on the cusp of paranoia. Cleo takes an interesting turn when she encounters a soldier who’s being dispatched to the war in Algeria: What happens when a death-fearing person meets someone who flirts with it everyday?

Varda is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time and it’s widely accepted that her gender...

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