Whaaat! Tamil TV actress Myna Nandhini’s husband commits SUICIDE!

Preeti Kulkarni
TV actress Myna Nandhini's husband is dead

Well known Tamil TV actress Nandhini’s husband committed suicide today at a lodge in Chennai. In a shocking turn of events, Karthikeyan who also was a gym owner was found dead with a note where he blamed Nandhini’s father for his death. After this tragedy shock the entertainment industry of Kollywood, Nandhini spoke to media about her troubled marriage and brought into light the fact that they were not living together. The couple got married eight months ago and they were facing a of of marital problems because of Kathikeyan’s fraudulent ways.

According to Nandhini, Karthikeyan met up with people and usurped money from them on the pretext of giving them government jobs and they fulfilled his promise. He was depressed because Nandhini confronted him about all this and later started staying separately, with support of her father. Nandhini revealed, “When I confronted him about it, he threatened to commit suicide. And that is the reason my parents decided to take me to their home with them.Nobody, including my parents, knew about an incident so far. He had an affair with some other girl, who committed suicide. And the police had arrested him. But, I didn’t tell anyone. I told others that he had gone to Dubai. All the secrets that I had buried in my heart are now coming out because of him.”

Though not staying together, Nandhini was in touch with her husband and even gave him pep talk once in few days to encourage him to straighten his act. She added, “He was very upset as people were pressurising him to return his money. I used to give him pep talk time and again and even told him that we could be together again once he sorts out all the problems.”