West Bengal: Guv left baffled at Calcutta University as no one came to receive him

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], Dec 4 (ANI): West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar, who visited the Calcutta University on Wednesday, accused the state government of politicising educational institutes as there was no one to receive him at the premises and doors were locked.

"On November 28 a request was made to me to attend a meeting of 102-member Senate at the Calcutta University. I thought it will be a great occasion for me to interact with the people keenly connected with the university, its staff and students," Dhankhar told reporters here.

However, he said that when he arrived at the university, there was no one to receive him and the door of the Vice Chancellor's office (VC) was locked.

"My office was surprised yesterday, that due to unavoidable reasons, the meeting was called off. I found it amusing and unusual. I immediately directed my office to direct the VC and the Registrar to see me on an urgent basis because it was a matter of critical consequences," said Dhankhar.

"The government had directed the VC not to call on the Chancellor. I am sure this must be a history of sorts. It may never have happened anywhere in the country that a government department has directed the VC not to adhere to the directory of the Chancellor, who is the head of the university, and has the authority to take disciplinary action against the VC," he added.

West Bengal Governor is also the Chancellor of the Calcutta University.

"I have taken the oath to serve the people of West Bengal and since my time was slated I visited the Calcutta University," he added.

Dhankhar said that he had also sent a message to the VC that he will be coming to the university at 2 pm.

"If I am wrong, hang me. But when I reached, there was no one to receive me. I don't like to be received but I have to protect an office. Still, I chose to come upstairs and found that the rooms of the VC office were locked," he said.

"Where are we heading? There is already a policy paralysis so far as the core education sector is concerned. All my communication to improve goes to one place -- that is a black hole. I appeal to the government, not to politicise the universities," said Dhankhar. (ANI)