West Bengal govt starts drive-in Covid vaccination to encourage people to get vaccinated

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Drive-in vaccination initiative of West Bengal Government (Photo/ANI)
Drive-in vaccination initiative of West Bengal Government (Photo/ANI)

By Syeda Shabana Parveen

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], June 4: Considering the number of Covid positive cases every day during the ongoing pandemic and the fear associated with vaccination, the West Bengal government has initiated a drive-in vaccination campaign, State Transport Minister Firhad Hakim said on Friday.

The campaign has been initiated to encourage people to get vaccinated. Herein, people can receive their first jab of the vaccine by simply sitting inside their cars.

This initiative allows the entire family to get vaccinated at once, without having to stand in long queues.

The minister said, "People just have to get themselves registered, and all other arrangements have been made inside the compound area of Kolkata's Quest Mall to vaccinate them".

He added that there are many people who are still avoiding vaccination out of fear that if they stand in a queue, they might get infected.

"There is a team of doctors at the vaccination site to look out for any visible side effect within the period of half an hour. The beneficiary simply has to switch on their parking lights, so that the doctors can attend to them," he added.

The minister told ANI that the state government has a target of vaccinating all eligible in the state. He said, "If we do not take any initiatives, people will not come forward to get their first dose of vaccine."

He also mentioned that there is a crisis of vaccination, but keeping all problems at bay, the first priority of the state government is to save lives.

The locals who came to get their first jab have appreciated this unique initiative, and have requested others in the state to get theirs too. (ANI)