West Bengal: Governor Jagdeep Dhankar questions police; antithetical in their conduct

Governor of West Bengal questions Mamata Banerjee's police. He stated on Twitter that ' Fairness of elections is the bedrock of democracy. All Mamata Banerjee's officials i.e. police must work towards this. Political involvement of public servant which means West Bengal's police, Kolkata police is authentic to their conduct and rule of law. Such activity will surely entail serious consequences."

Earlier also West Bengal governor had sent out warnings. 'Demand that the bureaucracy of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's government, the West Bengal Police, and the Kolkata Police uphold the rule of law and demonstrate "political neutrality" so that our democracy can thrive. All must strive to create a peaceful atmosphere, which is necessary for fair elections, which are the foundation of democracy' tweeted the governor earlier.