We're sustainable when it comes to investment in new technology: Swedish Minister Ibrahim Baylan

While speaking to ANI in the national capital on December 03, the Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation in Sweden, Ibrahim Baylan spoke on India-Sweden collaboration to combat climate change and future area of collaboration with India. Ibrahim Baylan said, "I think it is a perfect match as Sweden is a highly innovative country and also at number one according to European Commission and India with great aspirations and ambitions are at very positive development, but we know that this is something that both have also highlighted." "We need to change our way of doing things and I think combating climate change and at the same time develop economy and creating new jobs, I think this is the an area where Indians will have a lots to gain by this corporation," he added. "There are wide ranges of areas like in industry and we also have close partnership with the UN framework. It could be innovation as we have innovation partnership which was signed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. But also when it comes to investment in new technology, we are sustainable. I think there are wide ranges of examples and our challenge is sometimes is to taking the share scale that is needed in India," Swedish Minister further stated.