What went into Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli's exquisite wedding attires

With so many decisions to make before and during one's own wedding, looking one's absolute best becomes a bit cumbersome. That's clearly not the case with celebrity couples, though, especially if they've had somewhat of a secret wedding with no one but just close relatives in attendance.

We're talking about the couple of the hour, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli--the two went away on a "secret getaway" to Tuscany, Italy, only to make a lifelong commitment of love to one another. And while they did that, both of them ended up looking the best they have so far.

So, what is it that went into making one of the most good-looking bride and groom of Indian entertainment industry look this good? We take a look...

Anushka's lehenga

Picture courtesy: Instagram/sabyasachiofficial

Anushka Sharma wore a pale-pink lehenga with delicate embroidery by Sabyasachi, and looked more radiant than ever. What really worked for the actress were the vintage English colours of the lehenga's embroidery--it was majorly done in pink, mild green, yellow and just a dash of peacock blue. This delicate embroidery was then embellished with silver-gold metal thread, pearls and beads, which lent the lehenga the subtle vibe it boasted of.

The fact that Anushka wore a garland made of fully bloomed, pale-pink and yellow roses to complement the colours of her lehenga also worked wonders for her look.

Virat's sherwani

Picture courtesy: Instagram/sabyasachiofficial

It's not every day that you see cricketer Virat Kohli donning a sherwani. When he did, however, he made for one dashing groom!

While Virat matched steps with Anushka, choosing a pale-pink sherwani for his big day, what made Virat's look really stand out was his royal, silk turban (safa) and the jewel embellishment atop it, especially the delicate feather.

Virat's raw-silk sherwani by Sabyasachi Mukherjee was hand-embroidered in a vintage Benarasi pattern and sported royal-looking buttons.

Anushka's jewellery

Picture courtesy: Instagram/sabyasachiofficial

As exquisite as Anushka's lehenga was, it was her uncut-diamond jewellery by Sabyachi that elevated her look to a whole new level of regal.

The uncut-diamond choker Anushka wore with her wedding attire boasted of pale-pink spinel stones and baroque Japanese cultured pearls.

Picture courtesy: Instagram/sabyasachiofficial

Despite wearing three very heavy pieces of jewellery--chocker, headband and long necklace-- Anushka's bridal look was not even close to gaudy, thanks to the subtlety and consistency of colours throughout her attire.

Vitrat's embroidered stole

Picture courtesy: Instagram/sabyasachiofficial

In place of jewellery, Virat decided to embellish his look with a rather exquisitely embroidered stole (or dupatta). The gold, zardosi work on Virat's pink, silk stole lent his groom demeanour a rather royal touch, making him look absolutely regal for one of the biggest days of his life.

Picture courtesy: Instagram/sabyasachiofficial