Wellness Housing : A Plausible Solution to the Public Health Crisis in Delhi-NCR?

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Siddharth Vihar, Ghaziabad: Ever since urbanization has gathered pace around Delhi-NCR, the public health situation has gone from bad to worse. With air pollution wreaking havoc on the respiratory system of the citizens and traffic congestion and industrial machinery generating large amounts of noise pollution, mental health corrosion among the urban population is also at an all-time high. The resultant stress, then, not only aggravates the symptoms of grave physical illnesses like hypertension and heart disease but also pushes the urban dwellers into an endless loop of emotional, psychological, and social dysfunction. All of this, coupled with the typically grim and lifelesssetting of most urban spaces, adds to the phenomenon of urban overload, wherein the citizens experience a detrimental combination of stressful and overpowering living conditionswithout any space left to developa healthy and productive lifestyle for themselves.

Now, while it might not be able to address every lifestyle issue that accompanies urbanization, the growing wellness housing industry in Delhi-NCR might just be the answer to most public health concerns in the area. Ever since the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been anotable rise in the number of wellness housing projects that have been introduced in the region, making promises of offering a healthy or the rapeutic lifestyle to their residents. With attractive wellness amenities, housing developers have been trying to adapt to the evolving needs of luxury home buyers, who now more than ever have grown conscious about their immunity, fitness, and overall wellbeing and think of wellness as the greater luxury than the mere tangible or materialistic aspects of a luxurious life.

One of the first major steps towards wellness housing in Delhi-NCR wastaken in October last year by Eutopia, India’s 1st Urban Therapeutic Housing project by T&T Group. The wellness luxury project created quite a buzz when it was launched, boasting impressive wellness features like ayurvedic therapies, outdoor pollution control units, immunity-boosting vegetation, and meditation garden, among others. Following suit, housing developers in Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurugram also introduced similar projects in the following months, offering features like Yoga decks, sunbathing area, meditation domes, and organic farming, etc. In many ways, such projects will be agreat relief for senior citizens, individuals with lifestyle diseases, andyoung families with hectic lifestyles. Not only wellness will beever more accessible from the comfort of one’s home now, but it will also be all-encompassing and more extensive, covering aspects of not only preserving but also restoring and enhancing health – something that most urban dwellers have had to rely on wellness retreats or fitness centers for, till now.

The terrific success that wellness projects have enjoyed in the last few months stands testimony to the shift in the buying patterns and behaviors of luxury and mid-segment homebuyers from looking for homes with upmarket and modern amenities to preferring homes that cater to their total wellbeing and easily adapt to their overwhelming urban lifestyle, which is clearly out of syncwith their health.


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