'Welcome to the resistance': Twitterati mock Shiv Sena for accusing Centre of 'invisible Hindu-Muslim partition' over Citizenship Bill

On Monday, ahead of tabling of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Lok Sabha, the Shiv Sena has questionned whether "selective acceptance" of Hindu illegal immigrants will act as a trigger for a religious war in the country and accused the Centre of apparently doing an "invisible partition" of Hindus and Muslims over the bill.

This statement did not go down so well with netizens and they have been expressing their views in the way they know best: by posting about it on social media. Netizens started expressing what they felt about the Shiv Sena's statement.

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While one user said, "Wow. What a turnaround. Now 3 political parties will be competing for the "secular" space in Maharashtra, with Shiv Sena justling in. Wonder, who will emerge triumphant." While other user suggested that, "Shiv Sena is committing political suicide."

The Uddhav Thackeray-led party also said "vote bank politics" under the garb of the bill (CAB) is not in the interest of the country. In an editorial in the party mouthpiece 'Saamana', the Sena also raised the timing of the bill saying, "There is no dearth of problems in India now but still we are inviting new ones such as CAB. It looks like the Centre has made an invisible partition of Hindus and Muslims over the bill".

At the same time, the Sena has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take a strong action against some neighbouring countries that torture Hindus like he had taken against Pakistan. "It is true that there is no other country for Hindus except Hindustan. But by accepting only Hindus among the illegal immigrants..will it be a trigger of a religious war in the country?" the Sena questionned. "If someone is trying to do a vote bank politics under the garb of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill then it is not in the interest of the country," it said.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah will introduce the bill that seeks to grant Indian citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan escaping religious persecution there.

(Inputs from PTI)