Welcome Leather Jackets, Clinton’s Newest Fashion Statement

At a Professional Businesswomen of California conference, Hillary Clinton made one of her first public appearances after Trump’s inauguration in January. At the conference, she talked about the lack of women in Trump’s administration, and the blatant use of power to subjugate the “other” voices.

She took the opportunity to debunk sexism and racism in the administration and encouraged women to not hold back. She also used the platform to showcase her newest sartorial statement – the leather jacket.

Clinton is known for her statement fashion, especially on her campaign trail last year. She revamped her wardrobe with Ralph Lauren’s tailored pantsuits that went on to become the style statement of all working women.

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Hillary Clinton continues to maintain an apparent edge over Donald Trump. File photo of Clinton securing the Democratic nomination for US Presidential Election 2016. (Photo: AP)

Her choice of colour too would make a point. She wore white, the colour that is symbolic of the feminist movement. It was also the official colour of the Suffragettes, along with green and gold. The Suffragettes encouraged women to participate in public meetings, marches, and simply to step out wearing white dresses.

Clinton has now chosen to wear leather. Leather of course, is synonymous with rebellion. It’s origins too are masculines: the bikers, the army men. Even traditionally, the women who chose to wear leather were the ones who were entering a male dominated zone.

Clinton has always been a rule breaker and we love her tremendously for that. Keep breaking rules and we’ll keep honouring you!

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