'Welcome to the club, bro': Twitter mocks Nishikant Dubey for complaining about being trolled on social media

Twitter is now trolling Nishikant Dubey for the second time in as many days.

For the uninitiated, the BJP MP had recently said that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has no relevance and it should not be treated as 'Bible, Ramayan and Mahabharat'. He had been participating in a discussion in the Lok Sabha on the Taxation Law Amendment Bill and a statutory resolution disapproving the ordinance on the same legislation.

Following his comments, the minister was trolled relentlessly on social media.

Now, on Tuesday, speaking in the Lok Sabha, he requested speaker, Om Birla to ban social media, or at least bring in regulations.

He began addressing the Speaker with the words, "I need your protection".

"The media...social media especially has misconstrued my words," he said while calling for a ban.

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This of course has resulted in a second round of comments from social media users.

Take a look: