Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use Kadi Patta (Curry Leaves) to Lose Weight

Ahmer Shaikh

Curry Leaf commonly known as Kadi Patta in the local language is one ingredient which can be found in almost all Asian household. Some term leaf as also sweet neem leaves. Curry Leaves enhance the flavour of the food and it also adds aroma to it. Apart from its properties to add distinct flavour, kadi patta can also be used for weight loss. Let us see how we can use this Indian grown aromatic leaves the best way to lose weight. Curry Leaves for Hair and Skin: How Kadi Patta Can Cure Acne and Stop Hairfall (Watch Video)

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Kadi patta or sweet neem leaves are rich in Vitamin A, B, C and B2. They are also said to be a good source of calcium and iron. The curry leaf tree was originally grown in India, slowly it made a way in Asian countries too. According to a study published by the National Institute of Health, curry leaf has a high amount of anti-oxidant along with high levels of phenolic acid and flavonoids. These leaves also exhibit anticancer activity.

How can curry leaves help lose weight?

Eating curry leaves regularly every morning can help detoxify the harmful toxins from the body. Natural detoxification by kadi patta leads to the burning of more calories and avoid fat accumulation. Curry leaf contain mahanimbine, an alkaloid that has anti-obesity and lipid-lowering effects. Kadi patta helps in reducing triglyceride levels and lower body weight.

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How to use kadi patta for weight loss?

Eating curry leaf in an empty stomach is the best way to get rid of the excessive fat present in the body. Even a study conducted in Ayurveda suggests eating kadi patta to get rid of obesity, diabetes and bad cholesterol. However, the best way to lose weight is by using curry leaf water with turmeric to prepare tea for belly fat loss.

Get Flat Belly With Turmeric & Curry Leaves Tea

Curry leaf is not only a remedy for weight loss, but it helps in treating dysentery, constipation and diarrhea if taken in an empty stomach every day. It must also be noted that curry leaves can be eaten raw and it also improves bowel movement and stimulate digestive enzymes. Kadi Patta is indeed an effective ingredient for weight loss, however, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't follow a healthy diet after eating these leaves.

(This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)